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Petri Dish

We harness the power of nature to develop human cures.

ViroCure finds and develops unique viruses to safely and effectively treat terminal cancer illnesses with no current cure regimen. We aim to find and catalog twenty different oncolytic viral or vaccine species for cancer and other therapeutics in the near future.​
Safety first
Contrary to popular belief, most viral species are safe for humans, and play a vital role in our planet's ecosystem. All of our viruses are tested extensively with safety in mind.
Effective treatments
Our viruses are incredibly effective in targeting and eliminating cancer cells. Progeny viruses can continue fighting tumors once the original viruses expire.
Lasting cures
Once our viruses target cancer tissues, the body's immune system kicks in. Innate and adaptive immunity can keep our cures working long past initial treatments.

A revolutionary approach to human & animal therapeutics

Since the use of live rabies virus as a vaccine in 1912, scientists have documented the oncolytic nature of various replicating viruses capable of targeting various illnesses. In the past two decades of molecular biology research, the involvement of cellular oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in determining replicating viral oncotropism has become well established in the field. Although replicating viruses are extremely potent in eradicating various tumors in human subjects, virally resistant tumors can sometimes occur. This makes it vital for oncolytic virologists to improve viral efficacy enough to overcome viral resistance in the development of breakthrough therapeutics.


Our researchers have proven that reovirus-resistant tumors can be treated by introducing other oncolytic viruses, either in combination or in sequence. Each virus has a unique strategy and low cross reactivity to replicate inside tumor cells. ViroCure's founding technologies leverage this phenomenon in the development of safe, effective, and long-lasting treatments for both human and animal diseases.

Our partners, worldwide

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