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News and updates

29 Oct 2019

From BioWorld Asia vol. 7, no. 43: "South Korean biopharma Virocure Inc., based in Seoul, recently founded a local corporation in Brisbane, Australia. The new company, Virocure Australia Pty Ltd., will facilitate a phase I trial of the experimental cancer drug RC-402 in Australia."

13 Oct 2019

항암바이러스 라이브러리 활용 면역체계 활성화 효과 지닌 항암신약 본격 개발 중. 


“올해 호주에서 항암바이러스 치료제 임상 1상을 시작할 계획입니다. 면역관문억제제와 병용 효과가 입증되면 2021년 상반기 기술수출을 추진할 겁니다.” (유행준 바이로큐어 대표)

23 May 2019

"바이오 스타트업(신생벤처기업) 바이로큐어의 유행준 대표(사진)는 최근 머니투데이와 만나 "창립 3년이 되는 오는 6월3일 재창업을 선포하겠다"며 이같이 밝혔다. 바이로큐어는 최근 유 대표 합류 이후 3세대 유전체 기업 이원다이애그노믹스(EDGC)의 투자를 유치하고 파이프라인의 임상 계획을 재정비했다."

25 Apr 2019

"‘RC-402’ 전임상 막바지…하반기 임상 1상 진행; ‘RP-116’ 희귀암 타깃으로 개발 예정; 빅파마, 항암바이러스 개발사 연이어 사들여."

14 Apr 2019

"바이로큐어 [...] 유행준 대표이사 및 윤주한 연구소장 영입...'올해 하반기 리오바이러스 임상 계획'."

05 Feb 2018

"자체개발 항암바이러스로 생산까지…바이로큐어의 저력: 플랫폼 기술을 찾아서 [10] 바이로큐어 김만복 대표."

16 Dec 2017

ViroCure signs an agreement with the Jeonnam Biotechnology Promotion Agency (JBPA) to begin Phase 1 clinical production of ReoCure starting in January 2018.

13 Nov 2017

"Korean Lifesciences Company ViroCure USA Joins USF’s Tampa Bay Technology Incubator".

21 Sep 2017

ViroCure sponsors the inaugural All Asian Oncolytic Virus Consortium, held at 명지의료재단 명지병원, featuring international speakers, as well as ViroCure CEO Dr. Manbok Kim.

01 Jul 2017

ViroCure hosts students from Phillipine Science High School

As part of a student internship program, students from the Western Visayas campus of Philippine Science High School came to visit ViroCure's main research facility in Seoul.

19 Jun 2017

ViroCure is profiled by Korea Biomedical Review. An English language version of the article is available here.

14 Apr 2017

ViroCure at Vniel's House

ViroCure employees volunteer at Vniel's House, a long-term care center for people with disabilities. Employees commit to future visit every few months. (Update: we met with our friends at Vniel's House again in June and December.)

07 Apr 2017

ViroCure presents at a Rehboth program that connects Chinese and Korean investors with companies looking to expand into China.

03 Apr 2017

BioSpectator publishes a report on the establishment of ViroCure's branch facility in the University of South Florida via the Tampa Bay Incubator Program (TBTI). 

22 Mar 2017

"암세포만 죽이는 `유익한 바이러스` 찾아 암치료".

16 Feb 2017

ViroCure in Iiolio City

In support of a student internship program in the Philippines, ViroCure presents a series of seminars on viruses on high school and university campuses in Iiolio City.

16 Jan 2017

BioSpectator publishes an interview with ViroCure CEO Dr. Manbok Kim about the company.

01 Dec 2016

KOTEC evaluation for BioVenture Inc.

The Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KOTEC) completes its appraisal of ViroCure for BioVenture, Inc.

28 Nov 2016

ViroCure CEO Dr. Manbok Kim publishes a report on global trends and developments in oncolytic virus research in BioSpectator.

16 Nov 2016

ViroCure presents at the Fall 2016 Global Startup Conference.

12 Jul 2016

ViroCure CEO Dr. Manbok Kim signs an agreement with the governor of Chungchungbuk-do to invest in future projects in Osong Biovalley.

23 May 2016

유익한 바이러스로 항암치료제 신기원을 연다.

19 Sep 2014

1963년 소아분변서 분리된 암치료바이러스: 항암바이러스, 정상세포 아닌 암세포에만 특이적 감염 특성.

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