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Naturally occurring viruses are live replication-proficient viruses specifically infecting human cancer cells while sparing their normal counterparts.


Since the discovery of naturally oncotropic viruses in the 1920s, various replicating viruses have shown degrees of safety and efficacy in pre-clinical and clinical application for human anti-cancer therapeutics. Cellular oncogenes such as Ras and c-Myc are known to be important host genes for oncolytic viral tropism decision.


Importantly, we recently discovered that cellular tumor suppressor genes are also important in determining oncolytic viral tropism. Carcinogenesis is a multi-step process involving accumulation of not only oncogene abnormality but also the accumulation of tumor suppressor gene abnormality. Thus, it is interesting that oncolytic viruses are known to exploit abnormal oncogene and cellular tumor suppressor signaling, frequently dysregulated in various human malignancies, for their decision of oncolytic specificity and efficacy.


Unlike oncogenes, many tumor suppressor genes such as p53, ATM, and RB are known to play important roles in genomic fidelity & maintenance. Thus tumor suppressor gene abnormality could affect host genomic integrity and likely disrupt intact antiviral networks due to accumulation of genetic defects resulting in natural viral oncotropism.


ViroCure finds naturally occurring oncotropic viruses for targeting various human or animal malignancies, to develop safe and effective treatments to a wide variety of illnesses.


July 2021

바이로큐어, 간 전이 고형암 치료제 호주 임상1a 결과 발표…

"암 진행 차단 확인"


May 2021

코스닥 상장기업 에이루트 30억 투자, 전략적 협력관계 구축

April 2021

ViroCure presents results of RC402 study at AACR 2021.

July 2020

바이로큐어-오타와대학-젠비라 공동으로, 개량형 리오바이러스 기반의 코로나19 백신 개발.

January 2020

ViroCure partners with YBiologics to engineer next-generation oncolytic viruses.

October 2019
ViroCure opens a new facility in Brisbane, Australia
April 2019
코스닥 상장기업 EDGC와 투자 및 전략적 협력관계 구축 

April 2018
BSK 인베스트먼트 및 의사협회 등 46억원 pre-A 투자

March 2018
전남생물의약센터(JBRC)에서 임상시험 시료(Clinical Lot) 600 vial 제조 및 보관 전남 화순에 2,000평 GMP 시설 구축위한 용지 확보

September 2017
DT & Investment pre-A 시리즈 투자; 
바이로큐어 미국 연구소 설립 (Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL and Boston, MA)

November-December 2016
원익투자파트너스 pre-A 시리즈 투자; 오송 바이오밸리에 1,700 평 GMP 시설 구축위한 용지 확보; 바이로큐어㈜ 구로디지탈 단지 본사에 연구소 (BSL2 Lab) 설립

October 2016
슈프리마 인베스먼트(BSK Investment) pre-A 시리즈 투
June-July 2016
바이로큐어 설립 및 엔젤 시드투자

Leadership Team

Haeng Jun Yoo.jpg
Haeng Jun Yoo, CEO

CEO, Amicogen, Inc.

President, Jeonbuk Institute for Bioindustry

CEO, CJ Cheiljedang Bio Business Unit 

Samsung Group Chairman's Office

Seoul National University 

Yeon-Sook Lee, CTO

(주)온코태그디아그노스틱 대표이사
(재)의약바이오컨버전스연구단 기술사업화팀장
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(주)뉴젠팜 연구소장
고려대학교 학사/석사/박사

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Prof. Tommy Alain, CSO

University of Ottawa

CHEO Research Institute

Microbiology & Immunology

Scientific Advisory Board

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Prof. Chungsoo Kim

ASAN Medical Center

Prostrate Cancer

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Prof. Jina Jo

Chungnam National University

Harvard Medical School

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Prof. Minhee Ryu

ASAN Medical Center

Medical Oncology

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Prof. Jongyon Park

Moffit Cancer Center

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Prof. Woochan Son

ASAN Medical Center


Veterinary Science

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Jade Dennis

Eli Lilly and Company


Odonate Therapeutics