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What we do

Naturally occurring viruses are live replication-proficient viruses specifically infecting human cancer cells while sparing their normal counterparts.


Since the discovery of naturally oncotropic viruses in the 1920s, various replicating viruses have shown degrees of safety and efficacy in pre-clinical and clinical application for human anti-cancer therapeutics. Cellular oncogenes such as Ras and c-Myc are known to be important host genes for oncolytic viral tropism decision.


Importantly, we recently discovered that cellular tumor suppressor genes are also important in determining oncolytic viral tropism. Carcinogenesis is a multi-step process involving accumulation of not only oncogene abnormality but also the accumulation of tumor suppressor gene abnormality. Thus, it is interesting that oncolytic viruses are known to exploit abnormal oncogene and cellular tumor suppressor signaling, frequently dysregulated in various human malignancies, for their decision of oncolytic specificity and efficacy.


Unlike oncogenes, many tumor suppressor genes such as p53, ATM, and RB are known to play important roles in genomic fidelity & maintenance. Thus tumor suppressor gene abnormality could affect host genomic integrity and likely disrupt intact antiviral networks due to accumulation of genetic defects resulting in natural viral oncotropism.


ViroCure finds naturally occurring oncotropic viruses for targeting various human or animal malignancies, to develop safe and effective treatments to a wide variety of illnesses.


Feb 2023

RC402-IT Australia Phase 1 clinical trial (1a/1b) completed successfully.

June 2022

Cancer surgeon Prof. Dong-guk Park appointed CEO

Feb 2022

Established CuroV Science, Inc. in Ottawa, Canada


RC402-IT Australia Phase 1 clinical trial (1a/1b) in progress

July 2020
Strategic R&D co-op. agreement  with CHA Bundang Medical Center & strategic partnership with Y Biologics
October 2019
Established ViroCure Australia in Brisbane

April 2019
Investment & strategic partnership with EDGC
December 2017
Strategic co-op. agreement with Seoul Asan Hospital
September 2017
Opened ViroCure USA lab at Moffit Cancer Center

June 2016
Established ViroCure, Inc.
Established Cancer Virus Research Center at Dankook University College of Medicine for OV research
Foundational research on oncolytic virology at the University of Calgary

Leadership Team

lee wangjun.png
Dr. Wangjun Lee, CEO

Chairman, Myongji Medical Foundation


President, Asian Oncolytic Virus Association

CEO, DxVx (formerly CancerRop)

Seoul National Univ. Med School MD, Ph.D

Prof. Dong Guk Park, CTO & Chairman of the Board

Dankook Univ. Med School, Director of Cancer Center, Chief Surgeon, Dean of Graduate Medical School
Univ. of Calgary, Visiting Professor
Seoul National Univ. Med School MD, Ph.D


NH Cho.png
Prof. Nam Hyuk Cho, CSO

Professor, SNU Medical School
Harvard Medical School, Post-doc

SNU Medical School, PhD

Tommy Alain.jpg
Prof. Tommy Alain, CSO North America

CEO, CuroV Science, Inc.

University of Ottawa

CHEO Research Institute

Microbiology & Immunology

Haeng Jun Yoo.jpg
Haeng Jun Yoo, Executive Advisor

CEO, Amicogen, Inc.

President, Jeonbuk Institute for Bioindustry

CEO, CJ Cheiljedang Bio Business Unit 

Samsung Group Chairman's Office

Seoul National University 

Scientific Advisory Board

Chungsoo Kim.jpg
Prof. Chungsoo Kim

ASAN Medical Center

Prostrate Cancer

Minhee Ryu.jpg
Prof. Minhee Ryu

ASAN Medical Center

Medical Oncology

Woochan Son.jpg
Prof. Woochan Son

ASAN Medical Center


Veterinary Science

HJ Jeon.jpg
Prof. Hongjae Jeon

Bundang CHA Hospital

Director, Cancer Center

C Kim.jpg
Prof. Chan Kim

Bundang CHA Hospital

Colorectal, Urinary, Sarcoma

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